Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bo Bunny Snowfall

Supplies: All papers and stickers by Bo Bunny.  Gel pen by Sakura.

I've posted lots of Christmas projects lately, but no general winter projects.  It's time to fix that!  Today I bring you the above layout, which I created for the current  Bo Bunny layout challenge.  I used Bo Bunny's gorgeous Snowfall collection to create this layout, which is called "Enter Here: Novgorod."

The layout uses photos from one of my trips to Russia.  The journaling (seen in the photo below) reads: "Cross the river and enter the ancient, walled town.  Admire its enchanting gold and silver domes."  I visited charming Novgorod, a city located between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, on a day in late winter.  Much of the snow had melted, so the landscape was largely brown grass and earth with the occasional pile of white snow.  With its gorgeous brown/blue/white color combination, the Snowfall collection provided the perfect way to jazz up my slightly blah-looking, late-winter photos.  The glitter on the papers echoed the glittering domes of Novgorod's churches.

I was lucky enough to find a piece of base paper whose design already had the basic elements of the challenge sketch.  Lest you think I took the "easy way out," though, let me show you how I used Bo Bunny products to round out the design.

First, I created my own custom-made journaling box.  The 3 photos below show you the steps of the process.

Since the Snowfall sticker sheet did not include curly braces, I used the curly braces from Bo Bunny's Blitzen collection.  I adhered the stickers to the back of a mini sheet of Snowfall paper, then cut out the braces.

I dabbed adhesive on the striped side of the curly braces, then adhered them to a brown mini sheet of Snowfall paper.  I carefully cut out my newly-formed journaling box.

The final step was to add handwriting and place the journaling block on the layout.

Next, I made my own capital letters, using pieces of the numbers, punctuation, and lowercase letters that came on the Snowfall sticker sheet.  The two photos below explain the process.

I made a capital E by turning the number 3 upside down.
I built the capital N with two lowercase L's joined by a comma.

The last step in embellishing my layout was to pile on the snowflakes.  I used every single snowflake from the Snowfall sticker sheet, plus a couple from the Blitzen sticker sheet.  What can I say...I'm a Minnesotan who loves Russia; snowflakes are a big part of my life, LOL.  :)

I had an awesome time playing with the Snowfall collection from Bo Bunny.  Thanks for stopping by to check out my layout.


Lu C.Y. - Babalu said...

Incredible! It was very beautiful! I loved the colors! Happy 2012 for you too! With good health, peace and scrap! kisses

Keren Tamir said...

I love these papers, great job!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Oh what a clever idea that you showcased here! brrr... winter.... glad that we are having a relatively mild one :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Beautiful Denise!! Looks lovely - I would love to visit Russia one day - lucky you!